Cholita means: Bolivia’s strong symbol is the cholita. Their out t is known around the globe for their iconic bowler cap, long black braids and adjusted corset. They have been discriminated against since childhood, but they are now a major driving force in Bolivia. Their presence is seen in scenes not possible 100 years ago. They have real power in Bolivia’s political, economic and fashion worlds. They have been able to make their mark in today’s society while not forgetting their past. They represent the dignity of indian peoples. They represent Bolivian womenhood. (in Community Dictionary, added by Macey Collier)

What else does Cholita mean?

  • Noun: An obstinate bitch. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaydon Costa)
  • The female version of the cholo. (in Community Dictionary, added by Labyrinth)
  • Peruvian and I use Cholo, Chola, Cholita almost every day. There are many different meanings for it. It can be construed as a compliment or a derogatory tone depending on the context and tone. It can be due to ethnicity, being a mestizo or bad taste and a lack of education. It was a meaning I didn’t know existed in Mexico or the USA. However, reading through many posts I realized that it is not far from my mind. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gauge Stephenson)
  • A tough, strong girl. Usually the female equivalent of a vato. The glock is carried by these women, who draw their eyebrows. (in Community Dictionary, added by Boston Mccullough)