cholesterol means: This is the most common health myth perpetuated by the pharmaceutical sector. Both types of cholesterol are needed by the body. There are no “bad” and “good” types of cholesterol. A flawed study was conducted to determine whether cholesterol is a contributor to heart disease. The researchers tested RABBITS A VEGETARIAN as well as a FOX A CRINIVORE. Omnivores are humans. You can find your information online and in books. While statins may lower your chance of developing heart disease, they can also increase other risk factors that could lead to death from other causes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Miracle Allen)

What else does cholesterol mean?

  • It can cause heart attacks if you drink too much. cheerios lowers it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Overslaugh)
  • White crystal substance called C 27 H 45 The liver normally makes OH from animal tissue and food. It is an important constituent of cell membranes as well as a precursor for steroid hormones. Cholesterol can be transported by the bloodstream through different types of lipoproteins. Two of these, HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are regularly measured in blood tests. (in AZ Dictionary)