choatie means: defines a Choatie “intelligent student”. That could easily change with website ownership or a hundred dollars. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nadia Parks)

What else does choatie mean?

  • Choatie! It’s amazing to see your arguments. Choaties are “omnipotent in the field”, “quintessentially flawless”, and “matchless with manners.” You end with “because the school of linguists has class.” We are grateful for your blatant lies to UrbanDictionary users. Facts: 2004 Deerfield-Choate football game 29-21 Deerfield 2004-05 Deerfield-Choate Hockey games 4-2 Deerfield; 4-1 Deerfield 2005 Deerfield-Choate Lacrosse game 13-4 Deerfield. Choate has more manners than Deerfield. Choate’s students are often seen running about with their shirt on, eating trash cans and stomping around in the streets. Choate’s spirit is 100 percent classy. Excellent manners. The Choaties are unable to even think of a comeback for “Deerfieldian,” so shine your shoes! Wow! That’s totally original and is not based on any previous entries under Choatie. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pío Martínez)
  • The majority of Choaties can be described as spoiled and conceited shitheads. While they act cool and think they’re funny, they really are a bunch of cliquey people who are very clingy and will do anything to get attention. They are all anorexic girls. It is not a school that’s better than Deerfield, or they have a great time at Choate. (in Community Dictionary, added by Germán Vega)
  • The students at Choate developed intense jealousy after years of being rejected by Deerfield Academy’s higher-ranking and more elite school. Choate is a person who displays intense jealousy and bangs on trash cans, running about naked with their fat, hairy bodies flapping in the wind, for the entire world to see. Male specimens are certainly ugly. Little research was done because of their dreadful stench. The female choaties, who are so preoccupied with their noses and popping their zits that they forget to notice that they even attend school, are the most stupid and ugly creatures in the world. The Choaties also enjoy being vile and dismissive of deerfields, rather than cheering on their teams. They can’t think of anything positive to say about their own lives, and so end up insulting other people. How insecure they are! I’m so glad that my school’s mascot doesn’t look like a pig …. It is fitting though, I think A Pig to be the Pigs Woooooo. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ruperto Bravo)
  • A person who goes to the lowest-ranked boarding school in the country; he is not considered as a top applicant to community colleges. (in Community Dictionary, added by Subtle)
  • A quintessentially perfect and brilliant student, who is supremely intelligent and can spell quintessential, like the deerfieldians. (in Community Dictionary, added by Talia Sloan)