Chivette means: To gain followers, a female posting semi-nude photos to Twitter and other social media using the hashtag Chivette. Chivettes post naked pictures, but will mostly not show their nipples. Anyone who is willing to expose most of their breasts as a chivette can feel loved and wanted, without having to worry about the usual difficulties associated with having a boyfriend. Giving bjs, swallowing, accompanying him to free dinnersmovies etc You shouldn’t call a chivette out for sharing semi-nude provocation photos. She doesn’t like negative attention. The chivette may post semi-nude pictures under the pretense of freedom or self-expression. It is forbidden to make sexually explicit comments about her nude photos, nor “beg” for additional pics or nudity. After a certain number of followers, semi-nude photos become less frequent and are replaced with: cat pictures, what she ate and memes. The chivette may lose some of her followers at this stage. The chivette will eventually post provocative photos to gain followers. Only her White Knight followers can tell the story of how exciting and exuberant her cat pictures are. Many White Knights purchase Chivette gift packs or other products such as branded beer and green towelsshirts. The White Knights do not get anything in return, nor does it make sense for them to receive something. This is the true mark of an White Knight. (in Community Dictionary, added by Deon Griffith)

What else does Chivette mean?

  • An inferior, shallow and brainless slut, who believes she’s better than you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Laura Cuevas)
  • An individual who is proud of her beauty and her ability to help others. This is done by donating or raising money and encouraging others. This is done while she’s part of the Local Chive Chapter, or asking for other Chive Chapters involvement in her fundraising efforts. While some Chivettes might appear on, others may not. While some Chivettes might drink at group events, others may not ….. There are many types of Chivettes. They come from different backgrounds and cultures. What we all have in common, however, is our desire to help others and empower one another. That is what Chivettes are all about. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madelynn Simmons)
  • Regular reader of is a female, who knows the DAR and DMA. A laid-back, calm and easygoing person who enjoys life. She is comfortable in her sexuality, and will often share photos of herself, for DAR, DMA or simply for the sake of sharing stress relief and sexy imagery among the Chivers. Chivers are generally accepted as part of the larger Chiver community and will openly welcome others into their lives for the duration of a photograph or a beer. Responds immediately to the call “Chive on” (in Community Dictionary, added by Madalynn Bell)
  • Chivettes are a male who is so attention-grabbing that she posts pictures to showing her nearly naked. People will then debate how sexy they think she looks in comments such as the DAR. Most likely, she will have a lower-level job and make dumb duckfaces. She also has a lot of trendy tattoos. Her bedroom where she takes pictures will also be messy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Howard Golden)
  • Chivettes are females who see the Chive’s awesomeness. She… visits Sometimes, she submits photos of herself in sexy poses Knows and loves DAR. Takes joy in watching the great failures of others. The perfect woman (in Community Dictionary, added by Azaria Mccormick)