chippy bastard means: He is a big fat bum bump with grease stains and sweaty chins. His only shirt, likely with stripes, has a lot of grease. He can be seen at any local chip shop any day of the week. The term is also used to refer to any lazy munter that walks in pyjamas at 8 pm at night, with her fish dinner or two in her armpit and her giro in the back pocket. She also trips over her earrings. You can substitute ‘bastard” for any other type of chippy, such as chippy fucker, chippy cunt or chippy cow. Also, you can swap the word ‘chippy” for “pub”, and immediately describe any strawberry-nosed, beer-bellied, leather-clad, 18 year old male wearing a leather jacket that he has worn since childhood. He lives in some low-rate, dirty public house vault. He likely has a large number of strong and gold-rimmed, bifocal glasses. If it is a woman, he even uses a pub name such as ‘jukebox John’ or “jack the van” or “vinegar vera”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elvis Hale)