chillosophy means: Chill is the study and practice. Chill is a way to resist chaos. It’s about finding the essence of chill by learning what makes someone or something chill, and then practicing it or actually experiencing it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Soledad Ramírez)

What else does chillosophy mean?

  • The term “Chillosophy”, describes a way of life that combines intelligence, originality and spontaneity in a relaxed or casual manner. The term is named after “Chillosophy”, an elite group from The Mont that spans Irv-Block through Murder Springs and has been the definition of what it means to use the word. Crew members are known for their unparalleled sense of camaraderie and antics as well as the ability to laugh at any situation. The group’s pioneering lifestyle and originality has inspired envy from other groups all over the world. The 2004 Toolshed Uprising, in which thousands fled their homes in pursuit of Chillosophy standards, has fueled this jealousy. Nobody has ever been able to match the Chillosophy original crew members: Chris, David and Derek, Ivan Jason Jeff Jon Robert, Jon, Jon, Robert, Matt. Early Roots “Psk”, and “Holler” (in Community Dictionary, added by Brianna Shaw)