Chii means: 1. Throwing a large object, particularly a monitor, in an act of anger. 2. To be violent. (in Community Dictionary, added by Teófila Hidalgo)

What else does Chii mean?

  • The sound that is made in response to an unusual, frightening, or strange event. Depending on the context or level of emotion, can have two to four “i”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Talia Sloan)
  • This cute little chobit comes with a promo package that includes hugs, sounds and sounds to go “chii …'”. When she falls in love with someone she likes, she turns into a big bad jerk. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tobías Reyes)
  • 1. The persocom was created specifically to be the second child of scientists’ families. Elda is her real name. After Freya, her older sister and persocom who died, lost her memory, she also lost it. In the hope that someone would find her, her parents hidden her under a heap of trash. Hideki Motosuwa found her. She awoke one morning and could only say “Chii” That is how she got her name. (in Community Dictionary, added by Desmond Bush)