Chibola means: Chibola, slang for small amounts of drug, is usually cocaine. It’s wrapped in plastic usually two layers, sometimes garbage bags and cut into squares. Place the drug on a square of plastic that is usually 2×2 inches in size. Next, twist the plastic at one end and place it on the second. Finally, tie the ends tightly with floss. Sometimes the plastic end is heated to melt some of the plastic. Chibola is an old Aztec term meaning “chi” which means small, and “bola”, which refers to a ball. It’s used in Mexico and many other countries of South America. (in Community Dictionary, added by Glabella)

What else does Chibola mean?

  • Chi dust is a disease. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nyla Snyder)
  • A term that refers to diarrhea caused by eating at a burrito restaurant like Chipotle. Combination of Ebola and Chipotle. (in Community Dictionary, added by Garrett Carter)
  • This happens when middle-schoolers at Chichester smell too much of chi dust. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adjuvant)