cheuchter means: Alex is a scottish man with blue eyes and brown hair who drives a VW Golf. Sometimes called bampot, Toaley head or moistie. ……..hmmmn nice. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yolanda Arias)

What else does cheuchter mean?

  • The cheuchter simply refers to anyone living in Scotland north of the Central Belt. Although it may be considered somewhat demeaning, there are a lot of Lowland Scots whose ancestors will come from Cheuchter blood. If you ask a foreigner what the archetypal Scot is, they’ll likely picture a Cheuchter. This could be a large, ginger, tough lad, or a beautiful girl who has a poetic voice and uses Scots instead of English words. A Moistie would not be their girlfriend and they would never speak estuary English like’me gob. BTW, I am a Lowland Scot from Glasgow. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chase Berg)