Chelsea means: Chelseaa.. she is sweet and just wants to be your friend. Chelseaa is a gorgeous girl with beautiful eyes and incredibly charming personality. Chelsea can sometimes be shy with people they do not know well, but once they get to know you they become a wild and wonderful person. They won’t let you lose, not even letting you tell them how much you love them. It is impossible to leave someone you love when you are in love. She will always be the first person you think of every time you listen to a song. Chelsea loves you far more than you might imagine, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still love them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leslie Bartlett)

What else does Chelsea mean?

  • They are the most amazing people, full of love, and sometimes even shit. Although they don’t have to ask for much, most people treat their Chelsea as shit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Caroline Stark)
  • Chelsea is an affectionate girl who doesn’t want to take anything from anybody. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ignacio Santana)
  • She is one amazing girl. She is a funny, quirky girl. She could talk about any subject, and could go on forever about it if she chose. It is impossible to dislike her and she has tons of friends. Beautiful girl that I envy so much. (in Community Dictionary, added by Humberto Rubio)
  • She’s a badass little girl. She is a huge fan of highlighters and colour. She can quickly go from zero to 100, so don’t be afraid to mess with her. However she is a great person to have a conversation with. Chelsea is a great woman to have sex with. She has many secrets. Although she knows all the secrets, she never tells them. She is passionate about arguing and has a lot of opinions. (in Community Dictionary, added by Annalise Henry)
  • A chelsea is the best friend anyone could have. They will always be there for you no matter what. Shehe is smart, humorous, and kind. Although chelsea can sometimes change her personality, there are other times. The compliments chelsea receives are not appreciated and she will deny it all the time, regardless of whether or not they were true. Sometimes chelsea is very cruel and may want to murder you. But, in the end, a friend called Chelsea is a great friendship and one you should keep for the rest your life. (in Community Dictionary, added by Campbell Ward)
  • Even when under pressure, keep your cool I am happy to guide any animal She is extremely talented and does all she can to make it a great experience. He loves to be alone, and he doesn’t make a scene. Amazing rays of sunshine! She’s exceptional smart, and her taste is so exquisite Read the line’s first letter. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kinley Prince)