Chelsea Grin means: The Chelsea Grin, also called a Chelsea Smile and a Glasgow Grin, is a British act that involves cutting from someone’s side up until their ear. It appears that the victim smiles because of the way the cut is made. Although believed to be originated in Glaswegian criminals, it became very popular with British hooligan football firms, particularly the Chelsea Headhunters. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gustavo Diaz)

What else does Chelsea Grin mean?

  • The attackers force a victim’s credit card inside their mouth. Next, they punch them in the stomach. This makes the victim’s mouth narrower. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenya Barnes)
  • Torture is a form of torture. Two one-inch incisions will be made around the corner of the victim’s mouth. After that, the victim is subject to torture. This causes them to scream. The victim is then ripped along their mouths, leaving them with a “grin”. Alternatively, it can be called the Glasgow Smile. (in Community Dictionary, added by Landen Chavez)