Chelios means: Someone you hate. A person who can be difficult to leave. When ordinary curse words don’t suffice to describe it, this is what you can use to call them. This is usually at the end a sentence. This is used to add spice and color to conversations. You can replace words you’ve said in the past and not want to be labelled an idiot. It may have a Spanish-sounding ring, and can be used to suggest that you speak some spanish. This idea was inspired by the film Crank 2. Chelios’ name would often be yelled out by the evil guys, usually in disgust. Chev Chelios is the film’s main character. It becomes more of a curse word than the character’s name after hearing it several times. (in Community Dictionary, added by Avah Cohen)

What else does Chelios mean?

  • We created a shot to honor Chris Chelios. Red Wings 12oz UV Cherry Red Jack Daniel 12 Oz is an old man Drop it in a glass of Red Bull. It gives you wings like the BlackHawks or Red Wings. (in Community Dictionary, added by Austin Walter)