cheers means: Common word used mainly in Britain. It has 4 meanings. 1. 2. ya r welcome 3. Before you drink anything with your homies. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sam Orr)

What else does cheers mean?

  • It is a way to say “thank you”, usually after receiving or giving something. This is a common term in the UK. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaylee Skinner)
  • Britons use this word for any reason. It can mean anything from “thanks”, “hello” or “no problem,” to “an alien just raped my chinchilla at the left corner in my blue garden shed”. It is usually followed by the word’mate,’ which also has no semantic meaning and content. Some continental scholars consider this evidence to be strong proof that all Britons can telepathically communicate. (in Community Dictionary, added by Isis Valenzuela)
  • Useful for toasting or valediction. cross-reference : Salutation . (in AZ Dictionary)