Cheektavegas means: Nickname Cheektowaga (New York) – A suburb located East of Buffalo. This is believed to have been a result of the increasing popularity of gaming in the Buffalo region. Seneca Indians operate area casinos. The name Cheektowaga, which also means “land the Czech lawn flamingos” or “land the crabapples”, is used by them. Not in Cheektavegas? They are located in the nearby area. (in Community Dictionary, added by Román Gil)

What else does Cheektavegas mean?

  • Nickname is Cheektowaga (NY), which can be found just east of Buffalo. Because of the high Polish population in this area, the name Cheektavegas was born. The pronunciation of Cheektowaga with a Polish accent is very similar to that of ‘Cheektavega. Once people understood what the sound was like, it was natural to add the “s” at the end. Cheektavegas was not created by the current gambling boom. Cheektavegas was established at least fifteen years before the establishment of local casinos. (in Community Dictionary, added by Columbano Rey)