Cheegan means: A vegan who eats only dairy products. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bárbara León)

What else does Cheegan mean?

  • Self-described vegan, cheese is her favorite food. They would happily eat cheese any time, anywhere. (in Community Dictionary, added by William French)
  • A person who claims to be Vegan, but still eats meat whenever someone is looking. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alondra Larsen)
  • It is a combination of cheese and vegan. People who are compelled by the need to eat ethically and responsibly but too weak to give up their love for dairy products are called Cheegans. (in Community Dictionary, added by Valentín Herrero)
  • The Cheegan Chicken Cheese and Vegan Starter Diet Plan includes all the nutrients necessary for healthy eating. Cheegans will eat only chicken and no cheese more than two ounces. Adds the vegan diet to their weekly meals. The Cheegans eat half of their diet as vegan food, while the other half eat chicken products in order to get enough protein for a balanced diet. This diet is still relatively new but it’s growing every day. Two places are the epicenter of this movement: Lawrence, KS, and Portland, OR. Chick-fil A is the largest supporter of Cheegan cuisine in the United States. You can eat all KC barbecue. (in Community Dictionary, added by Petronila Soto)