chauch means: A girl who isn’t bothered by how she looks but stereotypically characterised as preppy and bitchy, yet acts snobbish no matter what. Also possible to be male but less often. Poser bitches may overuse the term when they think that it means only someone who is fashionable or preppy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Angie Gross)

What else does chauch mean?

  • Or Church is a term used by West Coast Pimps and Rappers, as described by Snoop Dogg & Pimp Bishop Magic Don Juan. A way to live uprightly A celebration of the glory of your life Such as “hallelujah” and “salute”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Severino Ortiz)
  • A person who does not care about the rules, or is an idiot. (in Community Dictionary, added by Román Santos)
  • The Pritty Boys are sexy and vain. They do the stripper dances at the club, think it’s hot, and wear tight-fitting shirts. You can also tan using hair products. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jordon Padilla)