chaturbate means: Nexturbate’s chaturbate website is an adult site that offers live webcam performance by couples and individual webcam models. It typically features nudity as well as sexual activity, often including dirty talk and striptease, and masturbation using sex toys. (in Community Dictionary, added by Smectic)

What else does chaturbate mean?

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  • Free live webcam. Although 90 “models”, as they broadcast, are incredibly unattractive, there are a few who are hot and entertaining to talk with. Chaturbating is free and everyone can view it, unlike other webcams where only one individual pays. Many people who use the site just broadcast and masturbate for no pay. This is supposedly the most popular live webcam website. This is great for those who want to interact with the live video and not just record it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camron James)
  • Masturbating is the act of chatting while masturbating. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryleigh Hendricks)