Charlie brown syndrome means: This refers to the situation when somebody talks but all you hear are wahwah,wahwah,wahwah. It’s like Charlie Brown talking to an adult in a cartoon. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sean Dennis)

What else does Charlie brown syndrome mean?

  • Charlie Brown syndrome refers to a mental disorder in which someone thinks: They fail, or will fail in all matters. They will fail in everything they do and in all that they get involved in. A lack of self-confidence and self-esteem They feel gloomy and unlucky. It is easy to quit. Anxiety can make simple things more complicated. Fears so powerful or numerous that they are difficult to function with Persistent feelings of doom They can’t find any happy times and they get depressed. Failure can happen immediately. Fin. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tori Waters)
  • Charlie Brown syndrome refers to bad luck. Charlie Brown is when nothing seems to go your way, and no matter how much you try, it’s just bad luck. (in Community Dictionary, added by Coulter)