Charice means: A sensational actress and singer that will amaze everyone. It is an honour to hear her stunning voice. Every girl’s idol. Sunshine Corazon is a Glee guest star. Sunshine was a huge fan of Glee, having doubled the number of viewers. She sang “Listen”, and also performed a duet with Lea Michele via “telephone”. Beautiful and slim. A charming and bright personality that will make anyone smile. Oprah calls her “the most talented girl on the planet” at 18 and she is the greatest voice that you will ever hear. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arthur Cole)

What else does Charice mean?

  • She is the most beautiful woman on Earth. Her charm and looks are a magnet for everyone. Her smile and sharp stares make men fall in love with her. You can define her as the girl you wish to be with or are with. You will want her for life, and you won’t be able to let go of her once she is yours. (in Community Dictionary, added by Spuddle)