Chapstick means: When a man is unable to fit the term in, he will take his tip from his penis and place it on the woman’s lips. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marina Hart)

What else does Chapstick mean?

  • In a matter 10 seconds, I’ve lost something. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jazlynn Henderson)
  • A synonym for an idiotsomeone who is meanrude. This was used in the TV show ‘Skins’. Synonyms: idiot, fool, twat, wanker, tosser. (in Community Dictionary, added by Soledad Gómez)
  • Tube containing a substance to relieve dry, chapped lips. One of the most addictive drugs known to mankind. The addiction to this substance is comparable to crack. Chapstick addictions can be satisfied by asking friends for chapstick. These chapstick-loving individuals are to be avoided as hpv can survive on chapstick for up to thirty minutes. These withdrawal symptoms can occur when chapstick is stolen, lost, used up or misused. Extremely dry lips Redness around the mouth Constant licking on lips Apply water to lips irritability anger We are sorry Sometimes, even death Chapstick addiction can be a problem for friends and you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fishwife)
  • This lip balm is a favorite of those with dry or sensitive skin. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aaron Joyce)