chandelier means: Nickname for an internet stalker who is annoying and makes insulting comments about smart people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Victoria Álvarez)

What else does chandelier mean?

  • A Posh bird that has hair and ears that look like a chandelier. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jared Baxter)
  • To chandelier, to turn upside-down a la Spiderman. If one of the parties is going in the opposite direction to the other. Origin: A dream that a friend of mine had. Not for boys with beards. You don’t want facial hair on your nose. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chasity Barrett)
  • A synonym for methamphetamine is “Methamphetamine”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kolby Brooks)
  • A light fixture is usually hung over a staircase or table in the dining area. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jalen Hawkins)
  • A chandelier is a decorative piece that looks good, but serves no other purpose. The chandelier can be referred to as a man, but it could also refer to a woman who is very good-looking and doesn’t have any other personality. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ramon Blanchard)
  • A drinking game in which one full beer cup is placed between six cups that are filled with about 13 beer. Each cup has a player behind it. The goal of this game is for each player to throw a beer pong ball into one of two cups. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nathaly Randall)
  • An ornamental lighting fixture with branches that can hold a variety of candles or bulbs and which is suspended from the ceiling. (in AZ Dictionary)