Chadding means: Chadding refers to when someone talks about a group of people and implies that they belong to this group without actually stating so. This is often done by protecting the category from any attack imagined or not. Someone might react negatively to a low-profile tweet and jump to defend the group being criticised, purely because they are associated with the criticism. The incel community’s term for an In-Group Male, “chad”, is the source. (in Community Dictionary, added by Destinee Barron)

What else does Chadding mean?

  • If you make promises to your friends that you will get them back after they have helped you but fail to keep up the promise. It’s easy to screw up someone after they have helped you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francisca Carrasco)
  • You will need to stop on the side road for someone else’s garbage. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mercedes Medina)
  • You can post something on the internet using a mobile device, while you are defecating in a bathroom. All emails, youtube videos and forum responses count. Chad started this original post on his iPhone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pancracio Ruiz)
  • Start a discussion with coworkers about lunch plans, and work to influence where you end up. (in Community Dictionary, added by Simeón Cortés)
  • First use if a male creeps upon a female, or group of females. If the male creeps on a female or group of females, he should be immediately repulsed. This is the second use for cockblocked males by creepy men. (in Community Dictionary, added by Inés Velasco)