CFH means: The cunt of hell. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shyla Andrews)

What else does CFH mean?

  • Certified Freak Hoe (in Community Dictionary, added by Jewel Mendoza)
  • You can also cheat from home If you cheat while working remotely. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jacoby Knox)
  • The acronym “Cowboys from Hell” is derived from the best song and album of groove metal Pantera. One of the most unique logos is the way the right side of the letter ‘H” bends outwards in order to make a circle. Pantera’s most well-known song is also their main theme. Hence, ‘CFH” has been used in all manner of Pantera clothing and memorabilia. The “Cowboys from Hell”, a nickname for the group, is also used to reference them. Dimebag has a tattoo of Dimebag with CFH on it. Even Dime signed autographs that included ‘CFH. May he rest in peace. (in Community Dictionary, added by Israel Marshall)
  • The CFH, a street gang of hardcore criminals, was founded in Minnesota’s WayzataPlymouth. Green is the gang’s primary color. The CFH’s main competitor is the Cleveland Steamers. The gang often gets into gang wars. Many people wonder what CFH means, but the gang doesn’t reveal it unless they are members of the gang. Individuals will have different initiation dates. (in Community Dictionary, added by Israel Marshall)
  • Cowboys From Hell Pantera is an American metal/power groove band. CFH stands for Cowboys From Hell. This was the title of their first album. Pantera fan and members of the band, such as Dimebag Danilo and Phil Anselmo have often had CFH tattoos. CFH often represents “strength”, or even “power”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Miguel Calvo)