cee-lo means: You can play a dice game anywhere you go using only three dice. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jayda Roach)

What else does cee-lo mean?

  • The rapper was performing a song with Outkast.. Ceelo Green, the soul mahine…new cd. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rachael Delgado)
  • Cee-low, sometimes called cilo or celo, or c-low, is a game for chance that uses three six-sided dice. Cee-low is most commonly played in the hood, such as an alley or on a stooped. Two or more people are involved in each game. Each player decides on a bet amount and puts it in their pile. The players then roll the three dice simultaneously and continue to do this until they have rolled a number or a combination that is recognized. Two of the most popular combinations are two numbers, plus a number that is not identical. The third number is what determines the value of the roll. To win, you must have the highest-valued roll. There are some exceptions: 1 2 3 Roll as low as possible 4 5 6 Maximum roll. “Trips” Rolling “trips” is when you have three rolls of the same number. To win, all other players will need to roll higher numbers with trips (4 5 6). A new round begins when two players have the highest combined combination. Sometimes, each player deposits twice the money to the pot than he did during the previous round. Again, the rolling takes place. Only those who are still in the game can roll. Once there’s only one winner per round, the game is over. All the money goes to the winners. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madelynn Alvarado)
  • This is a dice game I enjoy. Three dice are rolled until you receive a number. When you get three dice, a “number” means that two of them are the same as one another. Let’s say you roll and get two, three, or more. Roll until you win. Double your bet if you get the exact number of your opponent. 1 2 3 loses …. 5 5 6 wins…a Trip 112 222 333 444 5555 666 is better than any other except for Trips of higher numbers or 4 5 6. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaylyn Castaneda)