cayetana means: Cayetana has a loyal friend. Cayetana will be your friend, always cheering you on. She’s smart and intelligent, but also sarcastic. She’s an introvert and is close to many people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Oscar Benítez)

What else does cayetana mean?

  • Cayetana, a beautiful, hot, and beautiful girl is smart, and she’s also very successful. Cayetana can be your best friend and the perfect girl. You will regret this decision. Cayetana accomplishes all she set out to, and she’s very creative mentally as well as intuitive. She’s fair, compassionate and always trying to do the right thing. Cayetana is shy when it comes to romance, but once you know her better she will be a true love and passion. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kai Hooper)