cauldron means: Punani is another word for “vulva”, the Biblical image of Mary, the Virgin, and the coochie cat, are all examples. (in Community Dictionary, added by Wayne Bird)

What else does cauldron mean?

  • A sound that sounds like the sound of an arrowhead dispensing a 5 gallon container. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lourdes Márquez)
  • It is possible to suddenly vomit in the partner’s vagina, while performing typical cunnilingus. It should look like a cauldron as depicted in fairy tales about witches. (in Community Dictionary, added by Personalia)
  • A large iron pot. This is for heating food. Cannibals and Witches often use it in their fiction. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marcos Vargas)
  • Large vessel used to boil water, like a kettle, vat or pot. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Unrest or extreme distress that feels like a pot boiling or a vat. (in AZ Dictionary)