carpenter means: Carpenters are a legitimate, tough, hardworking, problem-solving, beer drinking, and tang slaying man. (in Community Dictionary, added by Belén Flores)

What else does carpenter mean?

  • High-class crime families are known for having a person who solves problems and the problem vanishes without trace. (in Community Dictionary, added by Esoterica)
  • A person who can use a hammer to make a mess, also known as a big dick. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hillary Alexander)
  • Woodman is someone who uses wood to do things. Carpenters can use their tools to screw, drill, and ream. It is also common to rubbed and saw away at logs. While nailing is an essential part of carpentry it’s not as effective as screwing. Sometimes, glue is also used by carpenters to coat their wood. Although carpentry can be a serious and important subject, as we would not have desks, chairs or tables without it, the vocabulary of carpentry allows us to indulge in sexy innuendos. These opportunities are often exploited by Carpenters, which is why I’m one. Jesus was an illustrious carpenter. However, all jokes were removed when editors politely edited his Bible. (in Community Dictionary, added by Austin Walter)
  • Woodworker who finishes and repairs wood structures and objects. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Wooden structures can be made, finished, or repaired. (in AZ Dictionary)