Carnitarian means: Person who does not eat fish but eats meat. A pescatarian is the opposite. Carnitarian myths: Myth: Fish will ruin your brain. Truth is that Omega 3 can be found in many other sources than fish. While some might argue flaxseed oil has more Omega 3 than fish, it does not contain DHA. However, our bodies are capable of converting non-DHA omegas into DHA. Flax has also the benefit of not containing mercury. Myth: Fish-eating countries are more intelligent The truth: Let’s examine the stats. The USA ranks around 30th in math worldwide, while Germany places at 12th. Source: Business Insider But Germany’s per capita fish consumption is much lower. Source: UN Myth: You haven’t even tried this fish! Truth: Would I need to smash my hand against a glass wall and then another concrete wall? Or would I just have to strike my hand onto a stone wall in order to find out if I love it or not Myth: Fish contains no cholesterol and is a lean source of protein. The truth is that fish contains cholesterol. Beans are a good source of lean protein. These people have double standards. People have such double standards. They don’t mind eating vegetarianism and gluten-free, but they laugh at people who don’t like fish. The one is considered “alternative diet” while the other is considered “immature pickingy eating”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maximillian Gibson)