Carechimba means: Colombian insult for greater precision in Medellin’s city environs It is composed of the morphemes “care” for “cara de”, and “chimba” for “cunt”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thalia Richards)

What else does Carechimba mean?

  • It is a colombian term that can be used to insult a friend. You also have the option of adding ‘hijueputa,’ if you wish to spy on someone. *Carechimba hijueputa Pronunciation: Car-eh-chim-bah ijue-put-ah. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chiliad)
  • It literally means “pussy face”. Ka-re, short for Care (pronounced Ka’re), is slang for Cara de. This is appropriate for FACE OF …… Put them together and it’s CareChimba prononced….Ka-re-cheemba. Another word for dickheads and assholes. In Colombia, the word “chimba” is quite popular among Valle Cali and Antioquia Medellin residents. However, this insult is quite serious. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lyric Conner)