Carebear stare means: After you have shot your friend in the head with a straw wrapper, you will be able to see his starry eyes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Evaristo Navarro)

What else does Carebear stare mean?

  • It is the act of pulling one’s scrotum out and unzippin’ one’s fly. This is usually done to respond to being fruit-bowled, mooned or shown “the gonzo”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fez)
  • If a doped, tattooed and cute bear looks at you and starts to talk sweetly and cute things, then he or she is likely taking LSD. It could also be due to airhead syndrome. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hildegarda Carmona)
  • This is a term that describes a person’s tendency to puff up their chest. This is most commonly used to intimidate or impress someone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jefferson Lynch)
  • Also called 0.o This refers to the appearance of a male and female at anal penetration. This person usually has some experience in anal arts. A face like this would not be considered O.O. (in Community Dictionary, added by Veronica Bonilla)