Capitalism means: It’s a dirty industry. (in Community Dictionary, added by Petronila Soto)

What else does Capitalism mean?

  • If the rich told us otherwise, I would probably recommend that we believe the following: The poor are lazy while the wealthy are hard-working. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jerónimo Gómez)
  • It is a form of government that believes people who are motivated to succeed will do so. Although it is possible to combine it with democracy, it must be balanced and sometimes corrupted. Although this combination has led to prosperity in a way that is yet unknown, some people are critical of socialism as another form effective government. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ignacio Gallego)
  • An economic system that is often short-lived before it becomes corporatism. This system is believed to give everyone an equal opportunity to be rich depending on their work ethic. This is true for capitalism. However, most corporatism emerges by the time capitalists are rich. The system in which the wealthy get more and the poor are less. Capitalism may be a great idea in theory but it doesn’t work in practice. Like communism. Both do not work. A semi-capitalist state cannot exist long term unless it is democratically socialized. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paradiddle)
  • Two cows are yours. Three of the cows are sold to you. You use letters of credit from your brother-in law at the bank. Then, execute a debtequity Swap with an associated general Offer so you can get all four cows and a tax exemption of five. An intermediary transfers the milk rights for six cows to a Cayman Island-based company that is secretly controlled by the majority shareholder. This company then sells all the cows rights back to the listed company. According to the annual report, eight cows are owned by the company. There is an option for one additional. One cow is sold to purchase a president for the United States. You have nine cows. The release does not include a balance sheet. Your bull is bought by the public (in Community Dictionary, added by Teagan Krause)
  • A system of economics that is based on private ownership, where the main goal is profit. A free market economy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yosef Bailey)
  • A system of economics in which production and distribution means are owned privately or by corporations. Development occurs via the accumulation of and reinvestment profits from a free market. (in AZ Dictionary)