cao ni ma means: Chinese version of “fuck you mum”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kimberly Gregory)

What else does cao ni ma mean?

  • The Cao Ni Ma, which literally means “Grass Mud Horse”, in Chinese is a rare alpaca species. According to some, the dominant species within Mahler Gobi Desert Ma Le Ge Bi is the Grass Mud Horse. There are many variations, including the Lush Grass Mud Horse Wo Cao Nie Ma that can only eat fertile pasture, also known as Wo Cao. (in Community Dictionary, added by Antony Yoder)
  • For you Chinese ignorants, “fuck your mother” is translated as Mandarin Chinese. Cao is a very common word that can be used to denote fuck. Cao ni ma can be used to help one reach their destination in Beijing taxis. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gordon Hunter)