Canvey Island Iced Tea means: A popular alcoholic beverage, which is named after the town where it was first created, Canvey Island Essex in UK. The peasant subclass of Canvey Island lives on the island. It is also the arse hole for Essex. Essex, in turn is the arsehole of England. It is not to be confused the Lond Island Iced Tea Vodka and Tequilla as well as the Bacardi, Gin, Gin, and Gin. Topped with lime juice, coke, and Meths, the Canvey Island Iced Tea contains Meths and Turpentine. In place of traditional garnishes of lime wedge, the Canvey Island Iced Tea can be enhanced with cigarette butts or the Mother In Law’s stray pubes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anderson Velazquez)