cannabist means: A person who is hostile to the use of cannabis or the people who use it. They feel the same way about marijuana users as a racist or sexist towards someone of another race, or sexual preference. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ángel Cabrera)

What else does cannabist mean?

  • A person who is passionate about cannabis. A cannabis enthusiast can be used as a synonym. Cannabists are more than just a cannabis smoker. They also love marijuana. You will often see a cannabist with his nose in a baggie full of marijuana, looking at a brick or nugget of hash close up with magnifying glasses as though it were a fine piece of jewelry. The majority of cannabists know everything about cannabis culture, including growing and smoking cannabis, as well as how to make a smoking device. Others may argue that a cannabist can be described as a mere marijuana geek. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dereon Henderson)