camper means: This is a move used in Halo and Cock of Duty CALL of Duty games. He kills a sack of crap while he waits. While waiting for someone to come by, 80 campers engage in masturbation. Many are eating out of their stomachs while lying on the couch. They are making it clear that they won’t be camping and could endanger their team by being seen in public. Although no one really knows what the truth is, experts think that they are taking a break to dip french fries in ketchup or bbq sauce. When they take a swing, 50 campers are known to rock their homes. It is also estimated that 75-80 campers wear helmets when they eat breakfast and sleep. (in Community Dictionary, added by Smectic)

What else does camper mean?

  • As defined above camping refers to the strategy of sitting down in one stragic spot and waiting for someone else to see your vision. However, it is important that you remember that camping can be unfair. Campers may camp in areas that are nearly uninhabitable for killing if they don’t move. One example is squating behind an open box inside a room that has only one entrance. The opponent would need to place himself directly in front of the entrance without covering and attempt to get the maximum amount of camper visible. This will allow the camper to get kill after kill even if his position is known. In 1 on 1, matches this could prove very frustrating for the opponent and would ruin their game. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rigoberto Sweeney)
  • This is common in multiplayer online games. Campers wait for their enemies to pass before moving on. (in Community Dictionary, added by Moriah Mcknight)
  • First person shooters may cry out in anger at a person who is a victim of a moving target, often a sniper. (in Community Dictionary, added by Antonia Álvarez)
  • Anyone who stays in one place more than three seconds or, God forbid, actually crutches. This is Counter-Strike’s worst sin. (in Community Dictionary, added by Severino Ortiz)
  • This is a title that someone uses to try to defend vital goals in a game, while the rest of the team goes off to kill themselves because they don’t have a concept called “team”. “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Benjamín Crespo)
  • An online multiplayer game, usually FPS. A player will position themselves strategically and then wait until the target appears in his view. This position allows you to shock the target, and the camper can eliminate him easily. This can be used to defend a crucial location or camping an item repeatedly so that you reap its benefits. Although camping is an acceptable strategy, most people find it offensive. This is usually due to frustration at being killed so often that the game slows down. Idiots will often insult a camper who is more likely to have higher scores than them. Sometimes, incompetent administrators kick them. The camper society is one of ridicule or resentment. You don’t have to be able to place yourself so that you are favored. That’s smart thinking, and it’s a part of the game. Sometimes people just need to get some more balls. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mallory Copeland)
  • A camper, which is a temporary accommodation in a tent or a cabin. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Motor vehicle that has space and equipment in either a back compartment or an attached trailer for simple housekeeping and sleeping. Also used for recreational and camping travel. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • This is the rear compartment of such vehicles. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Camper shell. (in AZ Dictionary)