camp chinqueka means: This camp is the best for girls. I went to it 5 years ago and had the most amazing summers. No matter if you are a cabin girl or a cabin of 6 year-olds, every girl at camp will be your friend. My summers spent here would not be worth it. Camp has helped me become the person that I am today. Chinqueka would not have given me the confidence that I do. I am grateful to all the campers and staff. Every summer is different. Three tribes exist: Senecas purple and Arapahos green. Maricopas is yellow. You are assigned to one tribe your first year at camp and remain there for the rest of your life. Two senior campers lead the tribes. They get headbands with their chieftain names, which Amanda decides for them. Amanda is one of the best camp directors you’ll ever meet. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kendrick Walter)