Caligula means: Film about the Fall of the Roman Empire, 1979. Penthouse Magazine produced the movie and it had three directors: Bob Guccione (Gore Vidal), Bob Guccione (Guccione), and Tinto Brass. It was pornographic, and the only scene worth seeing is Marco’s execution with the decapitating machine. Roger Ebert stated that Caligula was a sickening film, which was utterly unworthy and shameful. There were not scenes of joy or natural pleasure in the film I watched. Instead, there was a horrible excursion into sad and base fantasies. Caligula is loved by many because it’s unique. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nia Lynn)

What else does Caligula mean?

  • N. An underground rapper whose conceptual song imagery put him ahead of hip-hop. (in Community Dictionary, added by Oto Medina)
  • Zillakami’s kickass track. (in Community Dictionary, added by Izayah Valenzuela)
  • Caligula, also known as a sexual act where an individual gets both analingusand cunnilingusfellatio. Two separate partners can receive simultaneous analingus and cunnilingusfellatio. (in Community Dictionary, added by Emilia Campos)
  • Emperor of Rome, succeeded Tiberius. The Roman army loved him as a baby. He was nicknamed “Little Boots” by the Roman army and became their mascot. It seemed as though Caligula was the one with it all. However, Roman politics quickly took everything from Caligula. Tiberius killed most of his relatives and brought Caligula with him to the Isle of Capri. It is hard to believe how the young man must have felt serving the man who destroyed his life. It seems probable that he was left with an insatiable hatred for Rome and its traditions, as well as politicians. People rejoiced when Caligula was made Emperor. He soon introduced an anarchic regime, intended to mock the establishment. He ordered the army to gather seashells and threatened to make Incitatus, his senator horse, look like the Roman Gods. This mockery would not be tolerated by the Roman elite. They finally caught Caligula and beat him to death in a hallway. (in Community Dictionary, added by Moses Henson)
  • A.K.A Gaius Caesar Germanicus – Born in August 31, 12 AD in AntiumAnzio. At the age 2/3, he was made the mascot for the Germanic Roman legions Caligula. He began incestuous relationships at the age of 17 with his sisters. Later, his bisexual incestuous orgies made him famous. He ordered the construction of a bridge from Baeiaeto Puteoli. It was approximately two miles in length. Alexander the Great wore Alexander the Great’s brace because an astrologer had predicted that he would have “no better chance” of being Emperor than riding on a horse over the Gulf of Baiae. 37AD – He fell seriously ill with encephalitis. On June 10, 1938 Drussilla, Caligula’s beloved sister, died. Some believe she was killed by blood loss due to anal sex or Caligula’s immunization with a god-like child who threatened his power. He made his horse senator and built a home for him. – A brothel was built next to the imperial Palace for the wives of distinguished senators. He made the soldiers of his British campaign collect seashells to be war spoils. – A statue was erected by him at the Temple of Jerusalem. With the assistance of others in the Praetorian Guard, Cassius Chaerea, a praetorian judge who had known Caligula from an early age and was one of Caligula’s best officers, assassinated Caligula on January 24, 41AD. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aleah Manning)