Caela means: Caela was originally “from the forest”. This is wrong. Caela is a gorgeous girl, inside and out. She’s not the most social person. One mad booty. Caelas are the perfect woman for guys. Caelas are incredible. Their names, however, are often incorrect. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alvin Callahan)

What else does Caela mean?

  • Caela is an amazing rocker bod. Caela refers to that moment when your friend asks you for his uno cards, but you only have time to play snap at the end. disappointment. but u love disappointment. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amani Ray)
  • Caela is a beautiful girl, inside and out. A Caela loves her romen noodles, and she is willing to do anything for anyone and everything. She is a great butt. She isn’t aware of her beauty. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eli Atkinson)
  • Caela is an incredible girl. She is funny, beautiful, and can be identified as the most sincere and trustworthy girl in a group. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brady May)
  • She is a stunning girl. Although she has an incredible heart, a man will never be able to love her. She doesn’t let men get in on her heart. She can be called “The one who got away.” She values her friends and family more than anything. Born and raised in small towns, she is a true country girl. Highly independent and will not ask for any help. Appreciates the small things. She will never lose heart if you give her your whole heart. Beautiful smile, rockin’ body. You can’t lose a Caela once you get her. She’s as individual as her spelling. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lilian Reynolds)
  • Inside and out, A Caela looks beautiful. Her body is strong and her eyes are stunning. She’s outgoing, loves having fun and doesn’t care about the consequences. She is always there to support and encourage you. She can be hurt easily and will cover her feelings with anger so try not to get in her way. You’ll have an incredible girl, who’ll love feet and be great friends if you do. (in Community Dictionary, added by Frankie Fields)