Cablinasian means: Tiger Woods created a term to honor his mother and father, as well as all his cultural heritage. Tiger Woods is a pioneer in his assertion that no part of him or his heritage must be denied to fulfill others’ needs for him to act and think a certain way simply because he has a particular skin color. Apartheidists have criticized him extensively for believing that all of the world should be “separate, but equal” and that they shouldn’t be intertwined. Tiger was not able to forget the Georgia incident when he wasn’t allowed on the Georgia course because he is black. He just refused to allow that to stop him honoring his grandmother, his grandfather, as well as his dad. Tiger didn’t give up on his golf clubs when faced with adversity at Georgia. Instead of allowing criticisms and adversity to define him, Tiger continued to protect his skin from the outside world. The future is Tiger Woods. (in Community Dictionary, added by Donavan Fletcher)

What else does Cablinasian mean?

  • A term Tiger Woods himself made up. This is the amalgamation of Caucasian Black, American Indian, Asian and Asian. It refers to Tiger Woods’ ethnic mix of quarter Chinese, quarter Thai and quarter Black. (in Community Dictionary, added by Triplex_Zephyr)