c2c means: C2C stands for Citizen to Citizen Public Safety reporting of individuals with pathological antisocial or narcissistic personality disorders. This includes fraud, abuse, and violence against women, children, the elderly, and other citizens. (in Community Dictionary, added by Caitlin Mercer)

What else does c2c mean?

  • If you need to contact someone, but don’t want them to be mad at you for calling the wrong time or not answering your call promptly, send them a text with ‘c2c” to ensure that they get it right. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jabari Mcneil)
  • Consumer to consumer. Also see b2b or b2c. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cayetano Crespo)
  • From Consumer to Consumer. The two people involved in transactions in business or financial terms, typically sales of products or services. Contrast to: B2b, b2c. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sophia Rogers)
  • Gay chat room for gay guys who are looking to chat with one another on the webcam. (in Community Dictionary, added by Frogman)
  • Cam-to-cam. Cam-to-cam interaction online where the parties can see each other through a webcam. Sometimes used for simple conversations, but most often for exhibitionisticvoyeuristic remote sex. This is usually viewed as a proposal in a chatroom. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaitlin Carr)