buzzer means: If someone or something causes an activity to be stopped, It’s a mix of buzzkill and bummer. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sidney Alexander)

What else does buzzer mean?

  • The reason a man has very short hair is not because he’s bald. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bryson Richard)
  • One joint containing just enough cannabis to make one feel “buzzed”, or in the same way as someone who is sober but high. Multiple buzzers can give you one high. These are more popular with those who smoke less marijuana and want to experience a higher level of relaxation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Terrance Lucero)
  • Vibrating is another word. (in Community Dictionary, added by Virilocal)
  • A person who enjoys having a good time and getting fucked up. Makes a big show out of himself. You can also get a buzzer by taking a tablet that causes you to dance. A buzzer is an object, or living thing that appears to be having fun. However, it can also refer to something else and very bizarrely. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aaden Snyder)
  • A buzzing sound produced by an electric signaling device such as a doorbell. (in AZ Dictionary)