bushwick means: Combination of cock sweat and ball sweat, that remains for a long time without being cleaned. The fine smell and moisture are both referred to in this term. (in Community Dictionary, added by Melvin Guerrero)

What else does bushwick mean?

  • One of the niggers in The Geto Boys, a popular hip-hop group. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alina Eaton)
  • Brooklyn was once the place to find the best beer in America in the 50s and 70s. However, Brooklyn’s economy collapsed under the Blackoutriot in 1977. Bushwick, which is bordered by East NY to the left and Williamsburg on its west, Ridgewood to the north, and Ridgewood to the North on the right are the three major cities. This boom town has been attracting a lot of South Side yuppies. (in Community Dictionary, added by Olga Martínez)
  • The “hard knock” life is described by Bushwick. Although it is hard work and frustrating, you must build your own sidewalk to earn respect. Otherwise, you’re just another chunk of gum on the ground. If you want to be a man, then step into our vicinity and be the one who gets stepped on or is the baller who steps on it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Victoria Cambil)
  • According to New York Magazine this area in Brooklyn has the greatest number of registered sex offenders and the highest rate of rape per head of all NYC neighborhoods. It is also high up on the list of other violent crimes. No matter what you hear from your landlordrealty agent, “Bushwick” stops at Graham Ave. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cassie Rocha)
  • One neighborhood of Brooklyn’s northside was once considered America’s worst. (in Community Dictionary, added by Evaristo Hidalgo)
  • You guys would have half the brain to know that your girlfriend is twice as likely in Manhattan to be raped. You are also twice as likely as anyone else to be robbed in this big, bright city. Because I have lived in Bushwick 3 years, I don’t take you seriously. They are my neighbors, mostly artists who were driven from Williamsburg by the kind-hearted people I love so much. If you examine the statistics, you will see bushwick isn’t mainly black. It is mostly Hispanic. There are also growing numbers of Polish and Asian residents. I conclude that you’re a bunch of idiots. The same kind you would find reading the cosmos and sipping 4 coffees. And yes, those same halfwits have driven up the real estate prices to an ugly reality. (in Community Dictionary, added by Clotilde Gallego)