bushmaster means: A gay pornstar is a derogatory name. This could have been a result of subtle, unwitty jokes that were originally made by Beavis and Butthead. Example: Ron Jeremy had sex with or dominated the hairy bushes (the hair that surrounds the genitalia of both sexes). You can use it in indirect or political ways, for example: George Bush has been sexy with Osama bin Laden, eg to promote him to become bushmaster. Monica Lewinski, a presidential candidate of Bill Clinton has destroyed her bush. He enforced executive decisions over the masters. (in Community Dictionary, added by Santos Kirk)

What else does bushmaster mean?

  • One man who has had sex with women with a lot of genital hair. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brenna Ware)
  • Select Democrats used the 2nd Amendment as a weapon to make personal responsibility their scapegoat. The weapon is misidentified as an assault rifle. It can only do what its operator wants, just like a knife or a car. This inanimate object is said to instantly anger the soul of anyone who holds it. It can cause them uncontrollable rage and even death. People looking for quick answers to tragedy will find that the basic basis of this theory is not supported and can readily accept it. While banning the item won’t stop school shootings in schools, those who are scared or weak will be able to disarm law-abiding and responsible citizens in the United States. Semi-automatic rifle that was demonized by some misguided woman who is hell bent to outlaw all things in America except sporks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amaro Fuentes)
  • Large venomous snake (Lachesis muta) They are found in tropical America and have brownish or grayish marks. (in AZ Dictionary)