bush wookie means: FPS game sniper that hides in the bushes. Battlefield bad company 2 was the first to use this term. RichRussian, a notorious XBOX streamer/troll, is the one who gave it its name. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nathanael Hatfield)

What else does bush wookie mean?

  • Vaginal with a large bush. Sometimes out of control. (in Community Dictionary, added by Belén Martín)
  • They are an increasing number of diabolical, but kind, creatures who live in first-person shooter games. Their fur is soft and resembles a bush. How to become a bush wookie PERK1 – Ghost fur not visible by spy planes and u.a.v. ‘s PERK2: Any of Your Choice PERK3 – Ninjas to protect you from prey PRIMARY WEAPON: Any sniper rifle SECONDARY WEAPON – Ballistic Knife or Crossbow, silenced handguns NO DUAL HANDGUNS LETHAL: Tomahawk TACTICAL: smoke bombs Claymore EQUIPMENT FACE PAINT: It all depends on the terrain. (in Community Dictionary, added by Janae Fritz)
  • Gaming terminology: FPS or first-third-person shooter; type of player behavior. Similar terms: noob, camper Gamers use the term “sniper” to describe players trying to be a “sniper”, in tactical FPS games that are fast and competitive. These players tend to hide amongst the foliage, far from areas on maps where other players are fighting. Too far from the battlefield to be of any use. The Bush Wookies will take occasional shots at enemy players, but these rarely lead to a hit or even a kill. On servers, Bush Wookies are players who use sniper rifles and have been linked for some time. They also tend to be very rare kill assisters due to their lonewolf nature. This kind of behavior is not acceptable as it distracts from teamplay and leaves one soldier behind. See team balance. This is usually a sign of someone who’s new to the game or of someone who insists on doing it this way. This could be due to mental retardation, a love of shrubbery, or both. Similar reference: The ‘ghillie’ suit worn in certain games by the sniperrecon soldier class gives the illusion of an alien-like hairy creature. See Star Wars – Chewbacca. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bianca Gentry)
  • A fps sniper who hides behind bushes, and is annoying to his team. A lesbian is also a suitable term. (in Community Dictionary, added by Noel Goodman)