burn cruise means: You can take a cruise if you have smoked the devils lettuce. As a specific term, it is used in the Fox Valley and Tricity area. (in Community Dictionary, added by Teófanes Prieto)

What else does burn cruise mean?

  • A drive that is usually not intended to reach a destination and only for the purpose of taking marijuana. Sometimes, this is due to having no safe area. This is characterized by exceeding the speed limit and becoming lost unintentionally. It also includes 2-4 extremely high-looking individuals. (in Community Dictionary, added by Finn Vance)
  • Strolling the streets, and smoking some green. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sarai Guerrero)
  • Common location is often used to refer to driving while smoking pot. A common location can be a rural area, backcountry road or unpopulated area. A TRUE burn cruise is a trip that involves leaving the location and returning without stopping. The car’s sole purpose is to be used as a smoke-free venue. The fuel efficiency of the car and whether it is possible to get a gas card from friends can affect how long you drive. (in Community Dictionary, added by Renee Mcdowell)
  • This is a phrase that refers to driving and reefer. Picture yourself driving along the road in your car, with windows open or partially closed. Youth in Westchester have designated certain roads and areas as “burn cruise areas”. Keep rocking _. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darryl Stein)