bunder means: After drinking excessive alcohol, to vomit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Angel Cannon)

What else does bunder mean?

  • A person who behaves like an ass..but jokes and has a sense of humor. People appreciate their assiness, and not just ass. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darryl Stein)
  • This word is used in the UK to mean vomiting. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ramon Blanchard)
  • Uk slang a nice, “peng”, arse These are usually used for “roadmen”, or in secondary schools. Both other UK slang Peng = Something that looks really good Roadmen are guys who walk the streets and act like that. Chavvy is the root word for “chavy” which means “a man who behaves like a driver, always spraying cheap perfume, and loves saying “What are you looking at?” (in Community Dictionary, added by Melody Andrade)
  • Uk slang, common in private schools. Bunder was a combination of banter and chunder and meant to be vomitto vomit. This is usually a result of vomiting following a night of drinking heavy and partying, hence the use of the term ‘banter. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lorelai Dougherty)