Bumbafuck means: Boon Docks: A remote and difficult to reach place. This expression is used to emphasize the desolation, hardship of travel, or wretchedness in an area. Placed usually after the prefix for a cardinal direction. A word from west Indian origins bumba, meaning “ass” and “fuck”, is obvious. The meaning of the word is that it means “place” and not “being anally raped”. Often misspelled by yuppies, as “bumblefuck” or “bumblefuck”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Flummoxed)

What else does Bumbafuck mean?

  • When a man stands on the back of a woman while giving him anal, it is called sex. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reynaldo Ortega)
  • If someone has to be or is going to the middle. Further than the boondocks and closer to the “MIDDLE of FUCKING NOWHERE”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rigescent)