bulkus means: A person who is similar to me, but claims he’s ripped and athletic. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alden Whitehead)

What else does bulkus mean?

  • This is used to refer to huge MASS… that has been accumulated over a brief period with large amounts of force-feeding and burgers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Julius Petty)
  • He is a very anxious individual who usually takes up to 2 seats on a plane and a maximum of 4. He has an average BF of 20 but because of androgen hardness, convinces his peers and himself that he’s sub-15. It is difficult to overcome this condition and it is usually only possible with anorexic obsession. Anti-anorexic anxiety syndrone is also known. (in Community Dictionary, added by Emely Stafford)
  • A accumulated mass that is unbalanced and unstable. This can be caused by dynamic energy overload. Although the Bulkus term rarely is used to compliment men of immense stature, it is often applied. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anatolio Rubio)
  • SoMe OnE Iz BuLkY anNd BiG. AnD LooKz LikE WiNnY da PooH. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pierre Gibson)
  • A person who has been bullied all his life, but probably never had a sexy relationship. A creature with large, fatty-tissued proportions is the bulkus. He has gained a great deal of muscle despite this. The requirements for low bodyfat mean that bulkus will not be able to survive the world of bodybuilding. (in Community Dictionary, added by Markus Cannon)
  • The term “adipose eruptionis” is a nonscientific name used to describe the biochemical phenomenon known to modern scientists. The term refers to laboratory test subjects with an imbalanced hormonal environment (too many estrogen or not enough testosterone) in order to determine the limits to flesh accumulation. This can lead to increased cholesterol, high blood pressure, diahria and stomach discomfort. unpleasantries. (in Community Dictionary, added by Demarcus Nicholson)