buffalo head means: Buffalo wings for Bitch Guy gets a head Guy feels immense pain. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kian Wiggins)

What else does buffalo head mean?

  • It’s the best of both. The best of both worlds: one can eat a lot of tasty buffalo wings and get a blowjob from the other gender. (in Community Dictionary, added by Isla Cherry)
  • Untrimmed pubic hair that is large and thick over the top of a male unit. An enormous mass of pubic hair that looks almost identical in shape and size to the head of a large buffalo. (in Community Dictionary, added by Liduvina Flores)
  • A person obese who is unable to use common sense or incompetent at their job, and it can affect coworkers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Denzel Vincent)
  • It is a huge head, perfectly balanced. A compass could be placed on the nose to create a perfectly round circle. This condition is known as oxygen theives. People with this rare condition often have brain capacities the same size as a pea. ps Roger agrees. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fatima Levine)