buckethead means: Anyone who is not from philadelphia, including eastern PA and some parts of South New Jersey. This includes Ocean City, Seaville and Hammonton. They are characterized by penn state and phillies clothing. Many of them carry doe urine smell for hunting, and are generally overwhelmingly racist. (in Community Dictionary, added by Austin Walter)

What else does buckethead mean?

  • Low-life women who are only interested in emptying your pockets. You don’t even bother to consider her needs. Fill her up, then toss it. This is not the girl that you should bring home for mom. You are likely to find her on the streets disguised as a club rat. You’ll want to double-wrap it, for good measure. Perhaps not all of your friends are in the same boat, but at least half have tried. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kennedi Lester)
  • A racial term used to describe Asians. It was most commonly Korean, because of their unusually large bucket-shaped heads. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kareem Bray)
  • Other definitions of “buckethead” are not correct. Buckethead is not what MTV claims it to be. MTV is as much a music channel to you than KFC chicken is to you. Buckethead, a talented man with unknown origins, is an amazing talent. His music is unique, and you may like it or not. His music has included bands like Praxis and Deli Creeps. To make some extra money, he has been a member of Guns N Roses and continues his work with his own projects. This is highly respectable. He should go to hell because he claims he is a bass player. (in Community Dictionary, added by Xavier Ferrer)
  • A guitarist who is well-known for his ability to use and possibly invent 10 finger taps, as well as using his thumbs. His face is covered with a Michael Myers mask and he has a KFC bucket. (in Community Dictionary, added by Escapology)
  • Buckethead (or Brian Carroll) is one my favourite guitarists. GuitarOne ranked him as the 8th fastest guitarist in the world. His playing has an unusual sound and is often accompanied by robotmannequin-style movements such as robot twitching. His ability to produce two different sounds from a guitar is another characteristic. He has been a member of such groups as The Deli Creeps and Giant Robot. He was a major hit at the 1999 ozzfest. One day, he was eating fried chicken and got the alias of Buckhet. He prefers being creepy. Robot style breakdancing is his favorite thing. He loves playing with his nunchukus. He can usually combine guitarrobotnunchuckus into his performance all at once. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryleigh Hendricks)